Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cyclaws Remote Control Vehicle

An RC Car with Several Wicked Action Modes
The CyClaws from Bandai is no ordinary remote-control vehicle. This durable, dust-kicking machine is designed like a sleek racing car with monster wheels that transform into claws. Each tire features a locking mechanism that allows you to drive with the tire claws open or closed. The tires can be adjusted separately, making this RC vehicle versatile and open to experimentation.
When its wheels are locked in closed-claw mode, the CyClaws runs like a high-speed RC car that can stop on a dime. Drive this vehicle in open-claw mode, and it runs like a creature with a mind of its own. When its claws are out, the CyClaws performs flips, wheelies, spins, and other astounding stunts. Look out for the driver when the car flips--you'll see him on the car's undercarriage.
The wheels switch from regular to claw-like manually, via remote control, or when the vehicle bumps into obstacles. Though you and your child will be operating the CyClaws, it will still react and perform tricks spontaneously.

Simple Set Up and Easy-to-Use Remote Control
Bandai's CyClaws comes equipped with a battery pack for the car, a battery charger, and 9-volt battery for the remote control. Before handing this RC vehicle to your kids, you'll need to charge the 9.6-volt battery pack with the included charger for four hours.
Because the CyClaws is fast and may react spontaneously when it runs into obstacles, it's recommended for outdoor use on pavements, sidewalks, or turfs with short grass. The remote control's two joysticks allow for more nuanced movement of the CyClaws. This will come in handy when you want CyClaws to perform astonishing spins.

What's in the Box
CyClaws RC vehicle, remote control, 9.6-volt Ni-MH battery pack, charger, 9-volt battery, and instructions.