Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mickey Mouse Hot Dog Dancer

''Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog,'' Mickey's got his dancing shoes on! Press the button on the shoe of this Mickey Mouse Hot Dog Dancer Toy and he starts singing, dancing and telling jokes. You'll enjoy lots of delicious fun with this Mickey doll that has plenty of great moves as he shakes his legs, arms and head to the beat of Hot Dog! Imported.Fully animated with moving head, arms and legs. Sings and talks.

Requires 4 AA batteries, included.
Ages 2+

Polly Pocket Roller Coaster Resort Playset

Roller Coaster Resort Hop aboard Polly doll's fab roller coaster for a luxury vacation adventure! The continuous car goes up the escalator, through the tunnel, to the exotic vista point with a waterfall slide and mountaintop pool. Next stop, the luxurious hotel suite where Polly stops to drop off her luggage and chillax. Then lookout below, it's a wild ride through the tropical paradise with splash pool, a dining room buffet and disco dance room! Includes one doll and one pet. Other dolls shown sold as part of separate sets. 

For ages 4-10 years

Thursday, June 16, 2011

EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Binoculars

Binoculars with Real Infrared Technology
Step into the backyard after dark with these infrared binoculars and you'll see a nighttime world, brilliantly illuminated. The real working infrared technology will surprise kids with its ability to bring a perfectly dark environment into clear, bright focus. With a range of up to 50 feet, the high contrast dual-eye LCD display provides an amazingly clear picture of what goes on in the dark.
Designed for covert operations, the binoculars feature action detailing and black coloration that lets kids operate under the radar. The dual display provides clear images that can be seen with both eyes, and the form-fitting eyepiece with eye-width adjustment ensures a comfortable fit. A black neck strap makes sure that the binoculars won't fall or get lost in the middle of the night.
Long Range Mode vs. Stealth Mode
The Eyeclops features four different modes for different types of operations. Stealth Mode makes you utterly invisible by removing the light that is emitted by the binoculars. Long-range mode helps you focus on people or objects that are as far as 50 feet away. Both Spy mode and Military mode alter your field of vision to simulate the effect of using real infrared binoculars.
Lovers of the outdoors will be delighted to find that the infrared light illuminates tiny insects and the reflective surfaces of animals' eyes. While the binoculars make it a cinch to see in the dark, the relatively small field of vision makes it dangerous to run while looking through them. Adult supervision is recommended for safe play, and for the installation of the Eyeclops' five "AA" batteries (not included).

Monster High Dead Tired Goulia Yelps Dolls are here!

Monster High Dead Tired Doll Collection: Ghoulia Yelps is the daughter of the infamous Zombies. After a long week at school, the girls are “dead tired” and in need of a little rest and relaxation. Meet the coolest children of some of history’s most infamously famous Monsters. These are the trendiest ghouls at Monster High in their stylish sleepover fashions. They get together for a sleepover and some scary fun “ghoul” time. Collection includes doll with eye mask, Dead Tired outfit and accessory for the sleepover. Doll is fully articulated so they can be posed in many different ways. Each doll sold separately.
  • Get together for a sleepover and some scary fun ghoul time
  • These dolls are dead tired and in need of a little rest and relaxation
  • The trendiest ghouls at Monster High in their stylish sleepover fashions
  • Doll is fully articulated so they can be posed in many different ways
For ages 6-10 years

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