Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hot Wheels Kids Radar Gun

Ever wonder just how fast you get your favorite Hot Wheels car to go? Or how speedy you are on your own bike? You don’t need to be pulled over by a cop to find out. The Hot Wheels Radar Gun does the job for you, using all sorts of state-of-the-art technology. Just set the scale to 1/64th or real speed, and MPH or KPH, aim the gun at objects coming toward you or moving away, squeeze the trigger, and check out the digital readout. Simple as that! Now you can set new speed goals, and actually find out if you’ve attained them. The 1/64th scale speed reflects the fact that Hot Wheels cars are 1/64th the size of a real car. So if a Hot Wheels car goes 10 MPH, the calculation is 10 MPH X 64 = 640 MPH! Now we begin to understand why those wheels are so hot! 

Requires four "AAA" batteries (not included).

Orbeez Soothing Foot Spa for Girls

Orbeez are wet and wacky, soft and squishy, fun and funky, bouncy and beautiful. They start off hard and tiny. Add water and watch them grow to more than 100 times their volume. Grow scented Orbeez in this relaxing spa, and immerse your hands and feet in the soothing softness.

For ages 5+  years 

Guaranteed to be one of the HOT 2011 Christmas Toys this year! Get yours today while they last!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fisher Price Little People Lil Pirate Ship

Shiver their timbers on a friendly pirate ship with lots for little hands to do on deck. Fire the cannon to launch the cannon ball! Press on the parrot to hear fun sounds and music! Turn the ship's wheel and out pops the plank! Down below they'll find eating and sleeping quarters for the pirate crew of two, with a chair and treasure map. Opens wide for play; folds closed at the end of the day with everything stored neatly inside. Not for use in sand or water. Requires 2 "AA" (LR6) alkaline batteries.

Hang out with your favorite star from the hit show . With an exact likeness to toria Justice, the Tori Doll comes dressed in fashions straight from the “Birthweek Song” episode. With her beautiful hair and performance fashion, girls can enjoy playing out scenes from the show with their very own Tori doll.

Monster High Abbey Bominable Doll With Pet Wooly Mammoth Shivver

The ghouls from Monster High are freakishly fabulous. The kids from Monster High are the coolest ghouls in school with their fashions, accessories and scary cute pets. And now there is a new ghoul at Monster High, Abbey Bominable who is making a scary good impression. Abbey Bominable is the daughter of the Yeti and an exchange student from up north. Abbey would be lost in the snow without her best friend and pet, Shiver a sweet and loyal Wooly Mammoth. Abbey Bominable doll is fully articulated so she can be posed in many different ways and includes pet Wooly Mammoth Shiver, doll stand, brush, diary and accessory. The teenage children of the legendary monster menaces have gathered together under one roof to attend high school at Monster High. These ghouls are wild, they're fierce and they're totally trendy. They've left their parents' outdated haunting habits behind to form a killer style all their own. When you see them you'll just have to gasp "Drop dead gorgeous". Collect all your of favorite Monster High Dolls. Each doll sold separately.